Whether you’re a land owner looking for a reputable company to perform a small excavating job or a large developer in search of a company with the knowledge and equipment necessary to complete the big job, you owe it to yourself to talk with J R Graham Construction Company, Inc. before choosing a contractor.

The professional team at J R Graham Construction Company, Inc. is highly experienced in the field of excavating and grading. We specialize in a variety of specialty excavating services such as pond and lake construction, land clearing and leveling, backfill, compaction and grading, just to name a few.

Our commitment on every project is to combine our knowledge of the business with our superior service and therefore, bring your project to completion on time and within budget.

You can also feel confident in knowing that we will abide by all environmental laws and take all precautions when the safety of people and property are at stake. We will do our research and have a thorough understanding of what lies buried beneath the surface before any dirt moving ever begins. Ruptured pipes, utility lines or other underground structures can not only be dangerous, but also extremely expensive to repair if damaged.

We invite you to gain a thorough understanding of the extent of services we offer by visiting the other pages within our website. Then, when your next excavating or construction project arises, allow our team of professionals here at J R Graham Construction Company, Inc. to assist you with your needs.